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Planning Your Own Funeral

Hello, my name is David and this is my funeral planning blog. Funerals can be morbid affairs and your own funeral is probably something you don't want to think about. However, last year, my grandmother passed away. As my family dealt with her affairs, we discovered that she hadn't made any plans for her funeral. This made it difficult to know what she would have wanted and some of my family had an argument about the best way to proceed. I worked closely with the funeral home and discovered a lot about how best to plan a funeral and the importance of planning your own. My grandma was laid to rest in a beautiful ceremony. I hope you find this blog useful.


Should a Loved One Be Laid to Rest With a Coffin Keepsake?

22 July 2021
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Have you thought about whether you want a coffin keepsake? This is a very broad term, but is essentially any personal item that you want to have sealed inside the coffin with you. A Welsh newspaper surveyed a few funeral homes to discover the curious items that people have requested as keepsakes. These range from the logical (a wedding dress) to the odd (a Chinese takeaway). When arranging a loved one's funeral, should you consider adding a coffin keepsake? Read More …

3 Common Single Monument Designs

23 April 2021
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Love binds all things, and although it cannot stop death, it allows special memories to linger on long after a spouse is gone. Therefore, when looking for a monument to express memories on a loved one's grave, choice matters greatly. Single monuments are an excellent option for someone who has lost their partner. Here are some single monument designs that you can select for your deceased partner's resting place. Portrait Monument Read More …

Understanding Green Funerals and Planning Your Own

28 January 2021
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As an increasing number of people become aware of the processes that go into burial and funerals, many people have started looking towards green funerals as an option. This can be due to a desire of not wanting embalming after death. It can also be due to simply wanting to not leave behind chemicals that will leach into the Earth over time. Regardless of your reasoning to want a green funeral, there are some things you need to understand regarding this type of funeral option. Read More …