3 Common Single Monument Designs

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3 Common Single Monument Designs

23 April 2021
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Love binds all things, and although it cannot stop death, it allows special memories to linger on long after a spouse is gone. Therefore, when looking for a monument to express memories on a loved one's grave, choice matters greatly. Single monuments are an excellent option for someone who has lost their partner. Here are some single monument designs that you can select for your deceased partner's resting place.

Portrait Monument

Portrait monuments are one of the most common single monument designs. The design allows someone to add their partner's favourite portrait to a monument. The picture can either be hand or laser etched. The former is better since it is fast and produces an accurate image. However, you can opt for a less detailed hand-etched portrait monument if operating on a tight budget. Besides, ceramic or porcelain photos are another alternative if you want to add a visual element to a memorial. Portrait monuments are particularly beneficial for future generations to know how lost loved ones looked like.

Symbol Monuments

Couples and individuals have symbols that define their personalities or relationships. For instance, some couples relate to the infinity symbol to represent their eternal love for each other. Other people prefer symbols that relate to their lifestyle. For example, a farmer may wish to be represented with a tractor or any of their favourite farming equipment. Single monuments make it possible because they can be carved out to produce any symbol. However, you must remember that the complexity of a symbol determines cost and time. An alternative is to etch out a sign on the surface of a monument. It is easy and can be accomplished quickly.

Landscape Monument

When you visit a cemetery, the most common type of single monument you will see is the straight design. It is meant to stand upright from the ground and is usually thin in breadth. One advantage with single upright monuments is their ease of maintenance. However, if you do not have a problem with cleaning and maintaining a memorial every other week, then a single landscape monument will suffice. Unlike upright monuments, landscape memorials lie flat on the ground. Although the orientation makes dirt accumulation easy, cleaning is not much of a problem. All you have to worry about is the frequency of maintenance, but cemetery services can handle it. You can make work easier by installing a slightly sloped single landscape monument to allow debris to roll off the surface.

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