Understanding Green Funerals and Planning Your Own

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Understanding Green Funerals and Planning Your Own

28 January 2021
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As an increasing number of people become aware of the processes that go into burial and funerals, many people have started looking towards green funerals as an option. This can be due to a desire of not wanting embalming after death. It can also be due to simply wanting to not leave behind chemicals that will leach into the Earth over time. Regardless of your reasoning to want a green funeral, there are some things you need to understand regarding this type of funeral option.

Defining Green

One of the key aspects of a green funeral is knowing what aspect of that funeral you want to actually be green. Defining what a green funeral is to you would be the first step. Green funerals can refer to the way a body is buried, how remains are distributed, and how the body is prepared for burial. In most cases, green funerals refer to avoiding the use of chemicals including embalming fluid during the body preparation process. If you are choosing cremation, then a green funeral may deal solely with how you want the cremains dealt with. By defining this aspect first, you can better discuss your options with your funeral director or crematorium.

Burial Site Options

If you plan on having a traditional burial but want a green funeral, you will need to consider the burial site options available to you. When it comes to environmentally friendly funerals, many cemeteries and other burial sites do not allow bodies to be buried without the use of embalming. Sites that promote green funerals tend to be located in special areas that are zoned for that type of burial. Also, burial plots may be further apart in these environmentally friendly burial sites due to the special zoning and regulations for these sites. This is something to consider if you plan on having a green funeral for yourself as well as other family members.

Pricing Options

In some cases, a green funeral may cost significantly less than other funeral or burial options. For example, if you plan on being cremated, you will already have significantly reduced the cost of your funeral plan. If you choose to have a traditional burial without the use of embalming, you may also have greatly reduced the cost due to the preparation process being much smaller and quicker. You may end up balancing out that cost or paying more when it comes to the spreading of the cremains or the burial site you choose.

These are all considerations that come with the choice of having a green funeral or an environmentally friendly funeral and burial. If you are interested in having a green funeral, contact your local funeral director or crematorium director. They will be able to discuss with you any local zoning or area regulations regarding green funerals and what your options are for cremains or for burial.