The Main Advantages of Cremation Over A Traditional Burial

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The Main Advantages of Cremation Over A Traditional Burial

30 October 2020
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Death is a harsh reality that no one can escape and everyone should accept. If you want to make plans for your own funeral, it is important to know that a burial isn't the only option available.

Cremation may serve as an alternative to a full traditional burial, and it offers various pros and cons that should be carefully weighed before making a final decision on how your body should be handled after your demise.

Here is a look at some top reasons to have your body cremated instead of buried when you die.

Cremation provides portability of cremains.

Cremation involves burning your body to ashes and them putting the cremains in an urn. This makes it easier to handle and move your remains during your funeral service and if your family decides to relocate.

Cremation eliminates the need for a grave.

Land used as a gravesite may never be put to productive use out of respect for the deceased. This limits the use of a vital natural resource whose supply is fixed. 

As your cremains will be stored in a small and portable urn, there is no need to disturb land for burial purposes. This feature makes cremation a greener option than a burial, as it helps save precious land.

Cremation provides more options for your final resting place.

If you cringe at the thought of being abandoned at a lonely gravesite when you die, you can leave special instructions to have your cremated body stored or disposed of at any location of your choice. Your cremains can be kept in your family home so everyone can feel your presence even after you're gone. 

Or, you can have them disposed of in the sea or other sites you loved while still alive. You can even ask your family to plant a 'living tree' with your ashes as a sign of remembrance. 

Cremation can allow for a more cost-saving send-off.

Depending on how it's done, cremation can help save money by avoiding most of the costs associated with a full traditional burial. You can skip the cost of a casket and gravesite, as well as the cost of embalming and performing other body preparations needed for burial.

Cremation may have traditionally been unique to certain religious groups, but it has now gone mainstream. For more information about cremation, feel free to contact a local funeral home that offers cremation services.