A Guide for Beginners When Choosing Funeral Memorials

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A Guide for Beginners When Choosing Funeral Memorials

29 April 2020
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When a loved one passes on, several things should be done to preserve their memory even after burial. One way of preserving a deceased person's memory is by buying or installing a memorial such as a sculpture, plaque, grave marker or headstone. Deciding on a suitable memorial is no easy choice, and thus, the family of a deceased must consult professionals such as funeral home directors for ideas about memorials. Rushing into buying a memorial can turn out to be the wrong decision if you do not consult a professional. A funeral director can advise you regarding local regulations governing the erection of memorials. Here is a guide for choosing funeral memorials.


Before buying a memorial, you should establish your budget first. You must know the resources at your disposal before deciding to invest in a memorial for a deceased. Various memorials, such as sculptures and headstones, vary in prices. For instance, a bronze headstone can be a bit pricier compared to natural stone. Funeral experts recommend that you should not splash all your savings on a memorial. The reason is that financial challenges can add to the grief of losing a loved one. Therefore, always be realistic and stick to your budget. Moreover, you don't want to spend all the money on one item, such as a memorial, and forget other budgetary items such as a casket, transport, and meals.

Cost of Maintenance

When buying a memorial, you should consider both the short-term and long-term maintenance costs. If you are installing a memorial, you should know that it deteriorates over time. Maintenance of memorials can be an expensive affair. Therefore, choose a memorial with less costly maintenance regimen such as cleaning. Besides, a memorial should be durable enough to avoid future expenses like regular repairs. When a memorial deteriorates due to poor maintenance, the experience can be painful since it is synonymous with erasing the memories of the dead.


Choosing the right words to put on a headstone or grave marker is a requirement that most people fail to understand. A small pictorial carving can be a welcome addition instead of many wordings that are often overused on headstones. Remember that you should be frugal with words to avoid clutter. Also, opt for a letterform and design that will withstand the test of time. To bring your ideas to life, consult a professional letter cutter who is experienced in doing inscriptions.