Top Tips When Choosing a Funeral Home.

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Top Tips When Choosing a Funeral Home.

1 August 2019
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Choosing a funeral home may be a difficult task for people writing their own will or those planning for a prepaid funeral. Read the extract below to know what considerations you should make when choosing a funeral home. 


Choose a funeral home that is known for high-quality services. Conduct some research on social media and independent websites to determine the reputation of various funeral homes in your locality. Red flags to look out for include incidences of poor customer service or breaches of contracts.

Services Provided

Look for a funeral home that meets your needs. For example, most people require embalming services to keep the body in good condition for viewing. If you prefer cremation services, look for a funeral home that has a crematorium. The facility's terms and conditions must be reasonable. For instance, they should allow you to hold a small ceremony at the funeral home when picking the body for burial or cremation. Besides, inquire if the management will allow you to perform rites and rituals on the body when it is at the facility. The funeral home should also provide a hearse to transport your body to your wake and burial. 

The Funeral Director

The funeral director will work alongside your family to ensure you get a proper send-off. Below are some tips to help you choose a funeral director:

  • Look for an experienced individual who has planned similar funerals in the past.
  • The funeral director should be an excellent communicator. He or she should listen to your wishes and explain what can or cannot be done.
  • The funeral director should provide extra services such as counseling to the immediate family.
  • The director should be a socially adept person. Remember that he or she will closely interact with your family and friends as they plan your funeral. 

Prepaid Plans

When planning for a prepaid funeral, you would be interested in the funeral home's prepaid funeral plan. Below is a short guide to assist you when evaluating the plan; 

  • What are the various packages? If you prefer to pay in installments, inquire how much you should pay per month.
  • Choose a plan that covers most, if not all, of your funeral costs.
  • Does the funeral home allow you to amend the plan? For example, you could choose to upgrade the package.
  • Will you get a refund if the funeral home runs out of business or if you opt-out of the plan?

Preparing your funeral in advance will give your family members peace of mind once you pass on. Choose a reputable funeral home that provides a wide range of funeral services. Begin exploring funeral homes near you.