How to Create a Very Special Memorial for Your Dear Departed Friend

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How to Create a Very Special Memorial for Your Dear Departed Friend

28 September 2018
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While it is often easier to deal with as time goes by, it's still a challenge when somebody very close to you passes away. You may not be able to come to terms with the fact that they're gone, as you have been used to spending so much time with them on a daily basis and they are part of who you are. Nevertheless, after the initial shock has worn off, you will want to make sure that you eulogise them as much as possible and provide a fitting memorial that will last forever. After all, this is the very least that you can do, given how much value they provided to your life when they were around. You may be planning a memorial at their grave site but want to do something that is really fitting and more than just a "traditional" approach. Why should you consider etching a special message onto a granite headstone in this situation?

Solutions through Technology

In the old days, specialists would take a great deal of time to edge out a message into a tombstone using rudimentary tools. While they would be very good at their craft and the finished result would be really nice, it would be very similar to other tombstones dotted around the grave site and not really the ideal sendoff for your loved one. Today, you can take advantage of technology that, in the hands of equally skilled individuals, allows you to create a fully personalised and customised memorial.

Working with Granite

Granite is the perfect material for this approach and interacts very well with modern laser machines, and you can even include images with very high precision, to further tailor your message.

How the Process Works

These new solutions use powerful lasers focused through the medium of crystal glass that significantly amplify its power as it is concentrated onto the granite surface. As it hits the granite, it creates thousands of tiny holes of varying depths, and this can be computer-programmed to create an image with amazing clarity.

Even Greater Detail

Many people choose to create an avatar of their friend or to use some photos that describe who they were and what they were interested in. You may choose to memorialise their achievements by reproducing certain documents or awards, and you can use virtually any type of font for this.

Choosing the Best Materials

You will need to pick the best quality granite to get the desired effect and to make sure that the inscription remains in place with full clarity for hundreds of years into the future. Consequently, you will need to talk with your headstone provider or funeral director so that you only work with the best artisans and most experienced experts in this field.

Contact a funeral director or headstone company for more information about granite etching