Including Friends in the Funeral Service of a Lost Loved One

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Hello, my name is David and this is my funeral planning blog. Funerals can be morbid affairs and your own funeral is probably something you don't want to think about. However, last year, my grandmother passed away. As my family dealt with her affairs, we discovered that she hadn't made any plans for her funeral. This made it difficult to know what she would have wanted and some of my family had an argument about the best way to proceed. I worked closely with the funeral home and discovered a lot about how best to plan a funeral and the importance of planning your own. My grandma was laid to rest in a beautiful ceremony. I hope you find this blog useful.


Including Friends in the Funeral Service of a Lost Loved One

18 December 2017
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Sometimes, it's only after someone passes away that their immediate family get to know quite how many other lives they touched. After all, friends and family often run in different circles, so it's natural that relatives never really see all of the other people in someone's life.

With all of these people around, you might find that there are plenty of volunteers when it comes to the funeral service. It's nice that there are so many people who want to be involved, but it can be difficult to find jobs for them all. To help you include as many people as possible, here are some jobs that you might want to fill.


One of the most important parts of a funeral is someone close to the deceased sharing personal memories and details of the person's life. While this is often a member of the family, it doesn't have to be. Because it's such a difficult job, with emotions running high, it's sometimes the case that a friend finds it easier than a close family member.


In addition to the eulogy, it's traditional to have a few readings in the service. These can either be taken from religious texts if appropriate, or from books, poems or other sources if not. These readings make a great opportunity for a friend to get involved and be a part of the service.


Not all funerals have pallbearers, and the tradition varies in different places. Their job is to carry – or at least accompany – the casket on its way to wherever the funeral is being held. You may not have considered having pallbearers at your loved one's funeral, but if there are friends who would like to help out, this could be just the job they're looking for.


Some funerals have an organist, some use music from a recorded source. If the deceased had friends who are musically gifted, having them play an appropriate piece at the service can be a beautiful way to remember the person who has passed away. It adds one more personal touch that will make the service all the more meaningful.

General help

Organising a funeral is stressful and hectic, and even on the day itself, the work doesn't end. If there's no space in the service itself for friends to be involved, you can always use a bit of assistance in other areas. People could be designated to provide lifts, help carry items, or just be on hand if anything is needed. It's a great way for everyone to support one another during such a difficult time.