Why Pictures and Videos Will Create a Perfect Tribute When Sending Off Your Loved One

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Why Pictures and Videos Will Create a Perfect Tribute When Sending Off Your Loved One

7 April 2016
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Dealing with the loss of a loved one is very challenging and overwhelming as you go through the emotional experience. At the final send off or funeral of the deceased, it is important to make the event unique as you celebrate the life of your loved one. If you have been chosen to organise the event for your deceased family member or friend, one great way of creating a one-of-a-kind celebration of his or her life is making the event as personalised as possible. There is a variety of ways to personalise the event, but one that stands out is the creation of life tributes using pictures and videos of the deceased. Read on to find out why the pictures and videos will have a great value and impact on the bereaved friends and families.

Videos and Pictures Unite People to Celebrate the Life of the Deceased

A funeral can be attended by many people some of who may not be intimately related to the deceased or his or her family and friends. For this reason, those who may not have had a closer relationship with the deceased may not know the exact way or how best to offer their condolences. Similarly, bereaved families and friends may find it difficult seeking support from persons they don't know. Besides, sharing stories of the deceased with every mourner can be quite overwhelming.

Therefore, creating a video station where mourners can be invited for the tribute is one great way to share the story of the deceased.

Videos and Pictures Bring To Light Unheard Stories of the Deceased

Not everyone at the funeral, whether friend or family, may have spent a lot of time together with the deceased. Therefore, creating a tribute using pictures and videos can help bring untold stories and bridge a gap for those who might not have spent much time with the deceased.

Videos and Pictures Are a Better Way of Triggering Emotions than Words Can

While words can help bring out some memories of the deceased through stories, pictures and videos bring out movements and expressions that can help jog the memories of the bereaved better than words can do. These pictures and videos can be compiled alongside a favourite song of the deceased to make it even more personal.

Videos Can Better Help With the Emotional Experience during a Funeral

Even on the worst day of all, pictures and videos of the deceased can remind the bereaved of the good times they had with him or her, which can help with the healing process. This is because good memories from those pictures and videos can trigger happiness and laughter, which are important since they help enhance the connection and bond among friends and family. For more information, contact companies like Lee Adam Funeral Services.