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Planning Your Own Funeral

Hello, my name is David and this is my funeral planning blog. Funerals can be morbid affairs and your own funeral is probably something you don't want to think about. However, last year, my grandmother passed away. As my family dealt with her affairs, we discovered that she hadn't made any plans for her funeral. This made it difficult to know what she would have wanted and some of my family had an argument about the best way to proceed. I worked closely with the funeral home and discovered a lot about how best to plan a funeral and the importance of planning your own. My grandma was laid to rest in a beautiful ceremony. I hope you find this blog useful.


Understanding the Role of a Funeral Director

5 December 2023
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When a loved one passes away, families are left to deal with a range of emotions while also trying to plan and organise a funeral service. This process can be overwhelming, which is where a funeral director comes in. Funeral directors are professionals who specialise in assisting families during this difficult time. They provide guidance, support, and care to ensure the funeral service is as personalised and respectful as possible. This blog post will take a closer look at the role of a funeral director. Read More …

2 Benefits of Making Prepaid Funeral Arrangements For Yourself

10 April 2023
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If you have reached a point in your life where you worry about what will happen when you pass away, you may be in the midst of making your final plans. As part of these plans, you may be working out the details of your funeral but are worried about the toll it will take on your family members.  While you are making your final arrangements, you may want to consider prepaying your funeral expenses. Read More …

Rich in Tradition: A Guide to Asian Funerals and How Funeral Homes Can Help

27 February 2023
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Asian funerals are steeped in traditions and customs that date back centuries. Funerals in Asian cultures are often elaborate affairs, with the community coming together to honour the deceased and provide comfort to the family. This article will explore the traditions and customs of Asian funerals, as well as how funeral homes can assist with the funeral.  Traditions and Customs  In many Asian cultures, funerals are viewed as a way to honour the deceased and to help their soul transition to the afterlife. Read More …